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particles that are 14 microns and larger. It is necessary to use a 3-micron filter with a beta rating of 75 or higher to achieve this level. The oil should be sampled regularly to ensure the system meets this standard. A higher ISO code may mean the filters aren't being changed often enough, the filters don't have the proper micron and beta rating, or additional filters may need to be added to the system. In conclusion, by troubleshooting systems that utilize propor- tional valves, you can avoid lost production time as well as the unnecessary expense of sending off good valves for repair. Changing out parts that do not need to be replaced can also introduce contaminants into the system, which can lead to even more serious problems. Be sure to follow the steps described in this article before removing any proportional valves from your hydraulic systems. About the Author Al Smiley is the president of GPM Hydraulic Consulting Inc., located in Monroe, Georgia. Since 1994, GPM has provided hydraulic training, consulting and reliability assessments to companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and South America. Contact Al at Figure 8. A proportional valve tester | May - June 2017 | 27

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