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About Noria Since 1997, Noria has been delivering world-class lubrica- tion programs for a wide variety of customers and industries, including power generation, food and beverage, heavy man- ufacturing, mining, etc. Major lubricant manufacturers turn to Noria to train their teams, design world-class lubrication programs and solve lubrication problems. As a trusted advisor to the world's leading organizations, Noria has a staff of technical specialists dedicated to con- sulting, training and publishing in the core competencies of tri- bology, lubrication, oil analysis, contamination control and ma- chine reliability. Our services are disseminated through top-qual- ity training courses, consulting services, publications, webi- nars, videos and books. Our mission is to inspire change through education by providing tools, resources and expertise so the industrial world can realize the tremendous potential that lubrication excel- lence has to offer. Noria Workforce Solutions Some customers tell us, "Not only do I not have the manpow- er to build the lubrication program, I don't have the manpow- er to run it. Can you put a Noria lube tech at our site?" The answer is yes. Our technicians are embedded full-time at your site so the engineering design can be executed effectively. This provides laser focus to critical tasks and the unceasing perseverance needed to prevent costly machine repairs and downtime. When you have Noria Workforce Solutions (NWS), you get Noria lubrication technicians, a Noria lubrication pro - gram and Noria expert support. Short-term Services – Need help upgrading your lube room or installing new hardware during a shutdown? We can do it all. Full-time Services – Whether you are starting from the ground up or need highly skilled technicians, Noria Workforce Solutions can help. NWS can staff your entire lubrication de- partment, including management, engineers and technicians. Visit 1328 East 43 rd Court | Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 | Phone: 800.597.5460 |

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