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Spring 2012 Univ ersit y Libraries' Ne wsletter Center of the university Anniversary marks Libraries' current and future impact Central Michigan University continues celebrating the 10th anniversary of Park Library's expansion and renovation – a project that converted the library from a storehouse for printed academic materials to a comprehensive, highly technological information center. "It is only proper that we take this day to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a facility that has transformed how our students learn and our faculty conduct research and the tremendous work each of you do on behalf of our students, faculty, staff and the entire university, Ross said at a special library staff luncheon Jan. 9, 2012, which marked 10 years to the day that the new library opened. " CMU President George E. The transformation enlarged and modernized the library to keep pace with the learning and research needs of students and faculty as well as to create an academic, cultural and support hub on campus. The $50 million library project required 2 ½ years of construction before reopening in January 2002. With more than 1.3 million printed volumes of materials housed on 33 miles of moving shelves, Dean of Libraries Tom Moore says the vision was to create a library to enhance learning and research opportunities of the university for its students and faculty. "It was important that the university create not only a functional and attractive library, but also serve as a symbol of the university's commitment to teaching, learning and research," Moore says. He believes that the original vision to modernize Park Library to better assist the university's academic commitment has been realized. Park Library serves the Mount Pleasant campus community as well as off -campus and online students and faculty, especially through online services and digital resources. "Today is a celebration of the anniversary of Park Library and the commitment of the university to produce great results for its students and its surrounding community, Moore says. • See pages 2 and 3 for continued coverage " Volume 8, Issue 1

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