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32 | July - August 2017 | How to Determine CASE STUDY Journey Excellence Nearly five years ago, the management team at Nissan saw the need to create a group that would lead the transition of its mainte- nance lubrication teams to a world-class level. In 2012, the Nissan stamping plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, succeeded in winning the John R. Battle Award from the Interna- tional Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML). Since that time, Nissan has devel- oped a better mindset, emphasizing knowledge through education and training in the field of lubrication. Of course, even with a better outlook on lubrication, there are always opportunities to improve. Training and Education The initial focus at the Nissan stamping plant was on education and training. The lubrication management group plays a significant role in this area. They set up training classes with the lubrication teams and are the go-to guys for resolving any lubrication issues. Many technicians are now educated and trained in the lubrication field. Nissan provides Level I Machine Lubri- cation Technician (MLT I) training and certification testing through the ICML. Currently, the facility has 70-plus MLT I certifications. Additional training opportu- nities, including supplier-sponsored and online training, have been incorporated as well. The plant's oil analysis expert has achieved his MLT I certification along with a Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) certifica- tion. He has been a big part of the lubrication program's success. Nissan also has ongoing training to educate its technicians on the importance of using an ultrasonic grease gun when lubing a bearing. This training is provided by an in-house ultrasound expert. Controlling Particle Contamination To address particle contamination, the plant concentrates on all new oil brought into the facility. Armed with the knowledge Lubrication By Prentice ricHArdSon, niSSAn nortH AmericA to Continuing the The Nissan team won the 2012 John R. Battle Award from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Plan developed and completed Won Battle Award Lubrication standards completed Kidney-loop audit system developed and deployed Stamping kidney-loop project completed Training classes begin Oil storage audit system developed and deployed Capital investment in lab Capital kidney-loop investment Lab equipment arrives Kick-off Lubrication Program Nissan's Lubrication Timeline

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