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Page 41 of 80 | July - August 2017 | 37 BIO-BASED LUBRICANTS RSC Bio Solutions' new line of bio-based lubricants is derived from a plant-based material to meet the most stringent environmental regulations while improving performance, increasing uptime and enhancing system longevity. Futerra is an environ- mentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) that offers performance in both wet and dr y environments and can withstand extreme conditions, including contact with water in high pressures and extreme tempera- tures. As an EAL from a renewable hydrocarbon resource, it can be a drop-in replacement for mineral oil or petroleum-based lubricants. RSC Bio Solutions 800-661-3558 FLUID MONITOR AND CONTROL SYSTEMS The Greenlight Continuous Concentration Monitor and Acts Fluid Monitor and Con- trol System from Houghton International are engineered to provide greater control of water-based metal-cutting fluids, aqueous quenchants, water-glycol hydraulic fluids and offshore fluids. The Greenlight fluid moni- tor is a self-contained measurement system that uses refractive index sensor technology for continuous concentration monitoring of metal working fluids. The Acts Fluid Monitor and Control System measures pH, tempera- ture, conductivity and other fluid properties, as well as concentration via refractive index. It offers automatic concentration control capa- bility by controlling six relay outputs for addi- tions of water, fluid concentrates or additives. Houghton International 800-666-4684 CONDITION MONITORING DEVICES The new Proflo USB-IR Adaptor and Assist Software from Compressor Products International are designed to monitor compressor lubrication systems. The adap- tor and software read and transfer information from the Proflo PF1 monitoring device, which records the average cycle time for each 30-minute block of lubrication sys- tem operation to a Microsoft Windows-based laptop, tablet or other USB-equipped device through the use of infrared technology. The accompanying software then presents the cycle time trend data to operations and maintenance personnel. Compressor Products International 800-675-6646 PORTABLE MAGNETOMETER Spectro Scientific's new FerroCheck is a portable magnet ometer for measuring ferrous wear particles in lubricating fluids. It enables users to perform measurements in the field or in the lab to analyze gearbox, transmission and other fluids used in fleet and industrial maintenance applications. The device works by sensing the disruption of a magnetic field, which is generated due to the presence of ferrous debris, specifically iron, in the oil. The instrument can detect particles from nanometers to millimeters in size and has a sensitivity range of 0-2,500 parts per million. Spectro Scientific 978-486-0123

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