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Page 43 of 80 | July - August 2017 | 39 THIS MONTH, MACHINERY LUBRICATION CONTINUES ITS "TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE" SECTION in which we focus on a group of questions from Noria's Practice Exam for Level I Machine Lubrication Technician and Machine Lubricant Analyst. The answers are located at the bottom of this page. The complete 126-question practice test with expanded answers is available at TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Answers 1. D The off-line (kidney-loop) system is normally connected to the oil reservoir where most of the dirt accumulates. 2. B It varies throughout the system because of the many components included. For example, the concentration of wear debris after the filter will be much less than before the filter. 3. A This is due to the delicate components of hydraulic systems such as servo valves and the fact that contaminant sensitivity increases disproportionally to pressure. 1. The best location for a filter to achieve low-cost dirt removal is: A) At the suction side of the pump B) After the pump in the pressure line C) In the return line D) In an off-line (kidney-loop) system E) No specific location has any advantage 2. The concentration of wear debris: A) Always increases throughout the oil circulating system B) Varies throughout the oil circulating system C) Always decreases throughout the oil circulating system D) Is constant throughout the oil system E) Varies with the pressure in the oil system 3. Which component generally requires the cleanest oil? A) High-pressure hydraulics B) Gears C) Engines D) Turbines E) Journal bearings Stay Connected With Noria Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn /noria-corporation Continue learning with us on YouTube

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