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Research news 8 Markets 8 Industry news 9 Industry innovations 57 Calendar 60 Supplier news 61 People news 62 Advertiser index 62 Product update 63 TABLETS& CAPSULES tabletting more Using Quality by Design in the formulation of tablets and capsules 13 Chris Moreton Multi-tip tooling: Worth the investment? 21 Steve Osborn Issue focus: Tabletting 27 Tablets & Capsules (ISSN 1549-9928 print, ISSN 1938-9159 online) is published by CSC Publishing, Inc, 1155 Northland Drive, St. Paul, MN 55120. departments w w w . t a b l e t s c a p s u l e s . c o m September 2017 Volume 15 Number 6 Hot-melt coating: A method for creating user-friendly, extended-release formulations 33 Martin Koeberle and Detlev Haack CPhI preview 38 also in this issue liquid-filled capsules Cover photo shows tablets in company's vertical vibratory deduster, which uses gentle vibration to remove dust as it conveys tablets upward along smooth, perforated sur- face. Dedusters have a small footprint to conserve floor space. All company's dedusters disassemble without tools. Company offers engineering and design assistance, as well as custom units that convey tablets faster, over longer dis- tances, and/or within high-containment enclosures. It also offers capsule polishers. Courtesy of Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ. Tel 201 962 8200. Website: www.krae Liquid-filled hard capsules help meet today's formulation challenges 39 Jnanadeva Bhat, Fernando Diez, and Justin Kalafat Liquid capsule filling: A survey of what's available 43 Formulating and manufacturing gelatin softgels 46 Pierre-Albert Thomas Pack Expo preview 50 Eye on Excipients 53 Jim Langan Back Page 64 Bill Maschinot

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