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44 September 2017 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Capsule filler Index K40i automatic, intermittent-motion capsule filler doses liq- uids, powders, pellets, tablets , capsules, and combination fills into two-piece gelatin and HPMC capsules. Made in USA, R&D machine produces as many as 40,000 cap- sules per hour. Features include touch-screen PLC controls, internal vacuum pump to separate capsules, noncontacting door interlocks, tooling set, IQ/OQ documentation, 1-year warranty, and startup training. Index Encapsulation Equipment, Warrington, PA. Tel. 267 387 3000 liquid capsule filling Robotic filler ATG RoboCap RL-300 capsule filler for R&D, clinical, and lab applications fills liquids into gelatin and HPMC cap- sules sizes 00 to 4. Fill weight toler- ance is ±1.5 per- cent for free-flow- ing liquids and ±3 percent for viscous products. It doses 3,000 to 11,000 capsules per hour depend- ing on number of fill heads. It can also fill bottles and is avail- able with heated product vessel. Company offers custom machines, validation service for GMP compliance, and on-site service and training. Schaefer Technologies, Indianapolis, IN. Tel. 800 435 7174 Softgel manufacturer Full-service softgel manufacturer specializes in encapsulation of dietary supplements. It provides high value-added products, with a focus on difficult-to- encapsulate, difficult-to-absorb, and fragile ingredients. Com- pany offers proprietary tech- nologies to maximize nutrient bioavailability. It is GMP-certi- fied (including GMP for Sport) by NSF and NPA; it is also cer- tified halal. Soft Gel Technologies, Commerce, CA. Tel. 323 726 0700 Combination softgels Unigel softgels accept tablets, capsules, granules, and/or pel- lets to create unique fixed-dose combination forms. Softgels encapsulate one or several APIs and control their release pro- files (immediate and/or sustained) and site of release (gastric and intestinal). Advantages include precise doses, contain- ment of high-potency compounds, and better bioavailability of compounds with low solubility/permeability. Softgels accommodate combinations of multiple APIs that are chem- ically incompatible or in different forms (i.e., liquid and semi- solid), simplify patient regimens for better compliance, extend product lifecycle, and differentiate your products from those of competitors. Softigel, Barranquilla, Colombia. Tel. +57 53 71 9000

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