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can render the capsule insoluble and unstable. The gelatin's molecular weight distribution can influence how susceptible it is to crosslinking, as can exposure to alde- hydes. See Figure 3 [10]. However, gelatin that has been customized can prevent crosslinking and subsequent instability. It is also possible for manufacturers to predict the behavior of gelatin when faced with crosslinking and thus optimize production. Conclusion Whether the goal is to delay or control the release of ingredients or to reduce costs, manufacturers of pharma- ceuticals and dietary supplements continue to seek new softgel formulations that provide better functionalities. Due to the complex nature of formulating softgels and operating the process, developing high-quality products that meet the expectations of consumers and regulators will always pose challenges. That's why it is important to work with reputable gelatin suppliers who can share their softgel expertise and provide guidance. Our company, the global leader in gelatin and colla- gen peptides [11], conducts more than 100 safety checks and/or controls to ensure product quality and traceability from raw material to commercial batches. Furthermore, our experts provide comparative analyses and protocols to measure gelatin functionalities that optimize softgel production according to the encapsulation conditions, formulation, and active ingredients. As a result, manufac- turers can create world-class pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements that appeal to today's demanding patients and consumers. T&C References 1. Kathpalia H, Sharma K, and Doshi G, 2014, Recent trends in hard gelatin capsule delivery system, J. Adv. Pharm. Edu. & Res. 4(2), 165. 2. Innova Insights, April 2017, Number of new prod- uct launches of supplements per format, global, 2012- 2016. 3. Research and Markets, 2016, Global softgel cap- sules market analysis, trends & forecast to 2025. 4. Persistence Market Research, 2017, Global market study on dietary supplements: Botanical supplements to be the largest market by 2020. 5. National Health Center for Health Statistics. Health, United States, 2015: In brief. 6. Internal Rousselot study, April 2016, Wenzhou Application Lab. 7. Internal Rousselot study, January 2016, Ghent R&D Lab. 8. Shanker G and Tabibi E, 2008, Water insoluble drug formulation, 2nd Edition, CRC Press. 9. Internal Rousselot study, September 2013, Wenzhou Application Lab. 10. Internal Rousselot study, October 2016, Ghent Application Lab. 11. Global Industry Analysts, November 2016, Gelatin: A global strategic business report. Pierre-Albert Thomas is global technical support manager at Rousselot, Kanaaldijk Noord 20, 5691 NM Son, The Nether- lands. Website: In addition to gelatin, the company, which is part of Darling Ingredients, supplies Peptan collagen peptides. Tablets & Capsules September 2017 49 Looking for more articles related to softgels? Check out Tablets & Capsules' article archive (enter username & password)

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