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Silicone caps Key Kap silicone caps for tablet presses and capsule fillers prevent dust clouds during powder transfer. Caps fit on spe- cial ferrule, creating tight connection without using clamps or tools, and detach easily for cleaning. You cut hole in caps to match diameter of powder discharge chute. They are made of translucent silicone, EPDM, or conductive EPDM materi- als in diameters of 250, 315, 375, and 400 millimeters. Key International, Cranbury, NJ. Tel. 609 619 3685 industry innovations Printer with vision inspection Tabrex Rev printer uses digital inkjet printing to apply char- acters, numbers, logos and barcodes to one or both sides of coated and uncoated tablets and capsules. Thermal inkjet car- tridges ensure precise, clean, GMP-compliant printing while eliminating rubber rolls and recirculating ink systems. Unit also optically inspects 100 percent of product surface for defects and print quality. Single-tablet rejection system iden- tifies and diverts off-spec products. In print and inspection mode, unit can handle 100,000 products per hour. Through- put doubles in inspection mode. You can design imprints using printer's software or create them offline and transfer them to unit via USB connection. Company will exhibit machine at Interphex in April 2018. Freund-Vector, Marion, IA. Tel. 319 377 8263 Component washers Venus 900 and 1200 washers clean tooling, format parts, hoppers, small containers, trays, and other components. Rotating platform ensures all components in baskets pass in front of array of nozzles above, below, and parallel to baskets for fast, thorough cleaning. Low-pressure, high-flow water recirculation system minimizes water and detergent con- sumption. Air recirculation system speeds drying. Options include two-shelf baskets, spiral rack for hoses, and drum rack that accommodates containers as large as 200 liters. Washer can also include in-line fluid heating, sight glass, and hydraulic circuit with sanitary valves. IMA North America, Leominster, MA. Tel. 978 537 8534 Tablets & Capsules September 2017 57

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