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Instrument identifies segregation mechanisms SpecTester instrument analyzes segregation potential of blends containing as many as six unique components to determine risk of API con- centration fluctuations. Instrument reports degree of and reasons for segregation in tablet hoppers, bins, and other process areas. It also identifies component concentrations, particle size differ- ences, product uniformity, and segregation mechanisms within your process. Instrument cre- ates graphs, tables, and charts that describe seg- regation behavior—or lack thereof—of blends and of individual ingredients that you can inte- grate into reports or use to build database. Appli- cations include R&D and real-time, in-process quality control. Material Flow Solutions, Gainesville, FL. Tel. 352 379 8879 Tablets & Capsules September 2017 63 Povidone enhances bioavailability Vivapharm PVP (povidone) for use in wet granulations enhances bioavailabil- ity and dissolution of poorly soluble APIs. Excipient balances high binding capacity with adhesive strength—even at concentrations of 2 to 5 percent— and its low viscosity ensures easy han- dling. Readily soluble in water and vari- ety of organic solvents, excipient provides processing flexibility. Free- flowing powder has spherical particles for rapid dispersion, and its non-ionic polymers prevent negative interactions with ionic APIs. Company also offers Vivapharm PVPP (crospovidone) and PVP/VA 64 (copovidone). JRS Pharma, Patterson, NY. Tel. 845 878 3414 Bin mixer adapts to non-standard containers Cos.Mec wheeled-bin mixer for powders and granules includes manual bin lock, single-inclination rotation, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, inverter for adjusting speed, and remote manual control of mixing speed and time. Options include double-inclination rotation, remote control that automates programming and printing, and barcode reader that automati- cally identifies batches. Unit can also be equipped to accommodate bins of different volumes and configured to handle non-standard bins. MG America, Fairfield, NJ. Tel. 973 808 8185 Dissolution tester tracks stirrers, adjusts automatically Model 2500 bathless dissolution tester uses jackets to heat media from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes and as high as 99°C. Touch-screen control enables you to track serialized stirring elements and to check qualification status and due dates. It also pro- vides reports, and stores test method data. Other features include interchangeable pad- dles and baskets and automatic height adjust- ment so you can quickly transition between apparatus 1 and 2 without removing shafts. Wireless in-shaft temperature sensor contin- uously monitors individual vessel tempera- tures, eliminating manual checks to verify compliance. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ. Tel. 732 422 7585 product update

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