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2 14 24 34 40 46 50 54 AS I SEE IT Make the Lube Room Your Lubrication Command Center For any plant seeking lubrication excellence, there needs to be a visual starting point that sets the stage for what's to come elsewhere in the facility. There is no better place for that than the lube room. INDUSTRY FOCUS 2017 Salary Survey: Salaries for Lubrication Professionals Holding Steady The latest results from Machinery Lubrication's annual salary survey reveal some interesting insights into the lubrication industry, as compensation rates appear to have remained steady over the past 12 months with less than a 1 percent change in earnings. HYDRAULICS Best Ways to Eliminate Hydraulic Oil Leakage By properly setting the pressures, installing accumulators and shock suppressors, verifying that the system is piped and hosed correctly, and adjusting pilot chokes, you should be able to reduce or even eliminate shock and leakage in your hydraulic systems. LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips for testing lubricant compatibility, changing pillow- block bearings and sampling oil from hard-to-reach locations. More 35 BOOKSTORE 36 PRODUCT NEWS 39 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Editorial Features 32 GET TO KNOW 38 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Departments 28 ASK THE EXPERTS 30 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Overcoming the Risks of Cold Machine Starts By becoming aware of the potential effects that temperature can have on your lubricants, you can better understand how a machine could fail and hopefully prevent future failures. PERSPECTIVE Understanding the Changing Requirements for Food-grade Lubricants With the full implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), there will be many changes in the requirements for compa- nies that make food and beverage products. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Newcrest Mining's Cadia Valley Operations Wins Gill Award Newcrest Mining's Cadia Valley Operations in Australia has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Augustus H. Gill Award by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication for excellence in oil analysis. BACK PAGE BASICS Volatility vs. Flash Point: What You Should Know Learn the differences between an oil's volatility and flash point, including how these properties correlate to each other, as well as the best methods for determining them. September-October 2017 Contents 6 COVER STORY How to Evaluate a New Lubricant Take an in-depth look into industry-accepted tests for predicting lubricant life, including results from actual commercial lubricants.

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