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L u b r i c a n t S t o r a g e a n d H a n d l i n g F or any plant seeking lubrica- tion excellence, there needs to be a visual starting point that sets the stage for what's to come elsewhere in the facility. There is no better place for that than the lube room. In fact, I've never heard of a plant exhibiting excellence in machinery lubrication that doesn't also exude excellence in the lube room. The lube room serves as the centerpiece and reference state for lubrication excellence. You have to get it right. This is important because transfor- mation can take a while for large plants. Rome wasn't built in a day. To succeed, you must have a solid foundation and a constant reminder of what quality and success should look like. It effectively punctuates that this standard of excel- lence should be replicated at each machine where lubricants are in use. There's a huge and very important psychological element here. If you cut corners in the design and quality of your lube room, more critical corners will be cut elsewhere in the plant as well. Mediocracy becomes the norm and will be imbedded in the culture. When this occurs, the lube room transforms into a pigpen of tools, pumps, hoses, grease guns, bottles, totes and drums. Don't let that happen. Be fussy and demanding, and set a high standard that encourages reliability excellence throughout the rest of the plant. The False Economies of Cheap Experts agree that the best way to over- come a catastrophic machine failure is not to have one. However, those in the maintenance f ield understand that machine reliability comes at a price. On the one hand, focusing on machine reliability alone may fail to control wasteful and excessive expenditures. To the other extreme, initiatives that slash current maintenance expenditures without consid - ering long-term reliability consequences are frequently penny wise and pound foolish. Poor reliability and premature machine failures have a compounding f inancial impact. Half-hear tedly measuring one element will spread like a cancer when measuring something else. Don't get me AS I SEE IT Jim Fi t ch | Nori a Corpor at ioN Your Lubrication COMMAND CENTER LUBE ROOM Make the 2 | September - October 2017 |

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