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36 | September - October 2017 | FUEL FILTER Baldwin Filters' new BF46002 dual-stage fuel filter is a high- performance alternative for protecting modern high-pressure fuel systems. It incorporates a highly engineered media with multiple layers to trap and hold the smallest contaminants, including those less than 5 microns in size. Along with a high dirt-holding capacity, the BF46002 is designed to last longer by continuing to provide ISO 4406 12/9/6 cleanliness levels for large amounts of fuel. Baldwin Filters 800-822-5394 HEAVY-DUTY ENGINE OILS The new SynShield CK-4 and FA-4 heavy-duty diesel engine oils from Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants are formulated to provide severe-duty protection for greater engine efficiency and longer ser vice life. Blended with advanced anti-wear additives, antioxidants and friction modifiers, the series of oils includes an OTR blend for prolonged productivity, a severe-duty dura- bility formula for harsh conditions, an ultra-performance oil for better soot control and a max MPG formula for increased fuel economy benefits. Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants 800-325-9962 CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR US Filtermaxx's 10,000G Centrifuge is an enclosed-base, programmable centrifugal separator for fluid contamination problems. It is engineered to quickly and easily remove heavy contamination that plugs standard oil filters as well as submicron-sized particles that pass through some filters. Suitable for batch cleaning or continuous cleaning of oils, coolants and fuel, the high-speed centrifuge can separate water, antifreeze and partic- ulate, allowing users to recover heavily contaminated oil and fuel while reducing their waste oil stream and lowering waste oil collection costs. US Filtermaxx 904-334-2838 SOOT TEST KIT The new field test kit from Geserco enables monitoring of the soot content in used engine oils. Built around a handheld infrared spectrometer, the kit can provide soot measurements up to 15 percent with a sensitivity as low as 0.01 percent. The high sensitivity allows the kit to measure soot in both diesel and gasoline oil. The optical oil tester offers digital measurement of carbon matter (soot) in oil content in less than 5 seconds. Geserco +33(0)5-56-34-9229 PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS

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