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38 | September - October 2017 | NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM How to Choose the Right Engine Oil To choose the right lubricant for your vehicles, use the viscosity grade(s) recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the life of the engine and especially during the engine's warranty period. Viscosity grades are primarily recommended according to the expected ambient temperatures, particu - larly the starting temperatures. Read this article on the ML site to discover other important considerations when choosing an engine oil as well as when you should use a synthetic lubricant. 3 Simple Ways to Justify a Lubrication Program Many organizations mistakenly believe they do not have enough money or resources to implement a lubrication excellence program. Access this 1-minute, 55-second video to hear three ways to overcome this common misconception and why the problem is often not a lack of resources but rather how they are allocated. The Truth About Fuel-economy Oils Fuel-economy oils have become popular over the last several years, especially the 0W20 and 5W20 oils. Most of these oils will provide at least a 1 to 2 percent increase in fuel economy over using the next viscosity grade. Understand the many variables to consider when switching to a fuel-economy oil, including how the vehicle will be used, by reading this article on the ML site. How to Control Oil Aeration When oil aeration occurs, air bubbles can become suspended throughout a hydraulic or circulating system, darkening the oil or making it appear cloudy. Air entrain- ment can also lead to other issues such as foaming, cavitation and an increased oxidation rate. Access this 1-minute, 34-second video to find out how you can reduce air entrainment and control other serious air-related problems. Selecting the Right Lubricant Supplier Many of today's lubricant suppliers offer an a la carte program of goods and services. Some provide full service, while others serve niche-specific markets, each with varying value propositions. Check out this article on the ML site to learn the main criteria that must be assessed as well as a 10-step process for selecting a lubricant supplier. is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrication-related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • A Case for Capturing and Analyzing Trends in Your Alignment Data • Keeping Out Contaminants: Understanding Ingress Protection Ratings • How to Work with Your OEM to Find the Best Lubricant Check out the full list of white papers by visiting www.Machinery- and clicking on the "White Papers" link. of lubrication professionals use hydrostatic drives or transmissions at their plant, based on a recent survey at FEATURED WHITE PAPERS FIND MORE GREAT ARTICLES AND CONTENT FROM Machinery Lubrication magazine online. From web exclusives and industry news to videos, white papers, buyer's guides and more, everything that relates to machinery lubrication is available now on 57%

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