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2017 Dome 54.1

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53 THE CAPITOL DOME ROTUNDA SOCIETY ($250–$499) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Abrecht* Mrs. Judith K. Allard* Mr. Douglas Altrichter American Political Science Association Ms Deborah Androus Dr. Christine Bialek Mr. and Mrs. John Bloomfield* Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Kaye Boesel The Honorable M. Robert Carr* Mr. Damian Cavanagh Mr. Robert Champion Children's Concierge, LLC Mr. Alan F. Coffey and Ms Janet S. Potts Mr. William M. Crowell Ms Christiana Cunningham-Adams* Mr. Vincent DeLisi Mr. Leon Dermenjian The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph J. DioGuardi* Mr. Ryan Dobbens Mr. David Dombrowski Mr. Loren Duggan Ms Vickey Dukes Ms Mary Dunea Mr. Andrew Durant Michael Durst Ms Lisa Earle East-West Center Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eck* Ms Jeanne Fogle Ms Kimberly Friedman Mr. Jose Garcia Ocejo Mr. Frank Gazzillo Ms Tracy Hale* Mr. Mark Halterman* Ms Loella Haskew Heart Sing The Honorable Nancy L. Johnson* Mr. Kent Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Kitchen The Honorable Herbert Kohl* Ms Sherry Kolbe The Honorable Steven T. Kuykendall* Ms Sheri A. Layton The Honorable James B. Longley* Mr. Michael McGinley Ms Margaret Jean McKee Mr. Sean Monahan Mr. Warner O. Moore Mrs. Barbara A. Morris Mr. John Neal Ogden Community School District Mr. Richard L. Oliver Mr. Gerald Papazian* Ms Jane Pearce Ms Christine E. Pollack Mr. David A. Portwood Ms Kimberly Reed Mr. Nathan Rhimes Mr. Steve Roberts Mr. Phillip W. Rotondi* The Honorable Philip E. Ruppe* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Rusinoff Mr. Robert Saad Mr. Michael Schlesinger Mr. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stanley The Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Program Mr. Ted Theocheung Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Thompson* Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Thompson Mr. Alexander Thomson Ms Deborah Tolley Mr. Robert D. Uher Mr. Alan van Vliet The Honorable James T. Walsh* Mr. Mark A. Wendt Dr. Timothy White* Mr. Erik Winborn* The Honorable and Mrs. James W. Ziglar, Sr.* CORNERSTONE SOCIETY ($100–$249) Ms. Hattie R. Allen The Honorable Donnald K. Anderson * Mr. Kevin Anderson Ms. Carolyn Anderson Mr. Nikolaos Apostolides Dr. Richard A. Baker* Mr. A. C. Baker Col. Frederick T. Barrett Mr. John E. Beck Mr. Thomas F. Beddow Mr. Peter Behringer Mrs. Charlene N. Bickford Ms. Mary Susan Bissell * Mr. Bob and Mrs. Debbie Blodgett Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bogley Mr. Alexander Bond Mr. Philip and Mrs. Karen Boodey Mr. Stan A. Boone Mr. Stephen A. Bourque and Ms Debra L. Anderson Mr. Glen L. Bower Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Bressler* Col. Ret. James M. Brown Mr. Mark S. Bush* Ms Diane Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Canning Mr. Thomas M. Carpenter Ms Kelly Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christesen* Mr. John C. Ciccone* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Clark Mr. Brion Clayton Ms Mary Clement The Honorable William F. Clinger* Mr. John Y. Cole, Jr. The Honorable E. Thomas Coleman* John P. Colletta, Ph.D. Mr. William R. Colvin Mrs. Marjorie Conahan* Mr. Peter J. Coniglio Mr. Jerome A. Conlon Mr. David G. Cotts Mr. Robert Cover* Ms Lynn E. Cowart Mr. Victor Crawford, Jr.* The Honorable Valerie Crotty* Ms Pamela Davidson Mr. Ottmar Dengel Mr. Tobias Dengel The Honorable Norman Dicks and Mrs. Suzanne Dicks* Mr. Michael F. Dineen* Ms Colleen Dougherty Ms Dorothy Douse Mr. Paul D. Ducharme* Mr. Michael H. Ducody Mrs. Gwen C. Dyrud Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Eckhart Dr. Seth Eisen Mr. Dylan Ellis Mr. Robert J. Engstrom Mr. Philip D. Eskeland* Ms Rebecca Evans* Mr. David M. Finkelstein Ms Linda Fodrea Mr. Kevin J. Foley The Honorable Rodney Frelinghuysen* The Honorable John Garamendi* Mr. Scott Givens Ms Patty Glowenski Mr. James D. Golden Mr. Wilson Golden* Colonel and Mrs. Jonathan C. Gordon The Honorable Bob Graham and Mrs. Adele Graham* Mr. John Herron

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