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2017 Dome 54.1

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THE CAPITOL DOME The Honorable and Mrs. Dennis M. Hertel* Mr. Charles M. Hicks The Honorable J. French Hill* Mr. E. Joseph Hillings* Ms Marsha Hunt Mr. Peter B. Hutt Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hymel* Ms Lauris Irby The Honorable Charles W. Johnson III* Mr. David K. Johnson Ms Kelly Johnston* Ms Ellen L. Jones* Dr. Judith K. Jones, M.D. Ms Anna Karavangelos Mrs. Christine M. Keunen* Mr. Casey Kidwell Mr. John J. Killeen Mr. Brian B. King* Dr. Julia King* Ms Sarah King Mr. Michael S. Klassen Ms Caroline S. Klemp Mrs. Sara J. Knight* Mr. Robert Knight* Mr. Robert Knisely Ms Lynn Koiner Mr. Steven R. Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Kovarovics* Ms Michelle A. Krowl Mr. and Mrs. William W. Kummings Mr. David A. Lamdin Mr. and Mrs. Laurence F. Lane* Ms Joann Lanzisera The Honorable Robert Latta* Ms Carolyn Laws Ms Desiree LeClercq Mr. William J. Levant* Mr. Roye L. Lowry Ms Anne M. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Makuc* Ms Ellen Malasky* Mr. Gerald Manar Mr. Theodore J. Manzke The Honorable Donald A. and Mrs. Freda Manzullo* Ms Madelyn Marchessault* Mr. Mason C. McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McGill* Mr. Michael B. McGovern Mrs. Judith D. McKevitt* Ms Priscilla McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Mercier Mr. Richard Merski* Dr. Jeanne-Marie A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Minner Dr. Henry W. Moeller, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. A. Alan Moghissi Mr. James Morrill* The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Ms Amy Muhlberg* Ms Christel Müller Ms Ida Müller Mr. Thomas H. Neale* Ms Helen L. Newman Roche* Mr. Jim Oliver* Mrs. Sarah Plumb Mr. Steven Podolsky and Mrs. Irina Podolsky Mr. David E. Poisson* Ms Olivia Pope-Friedman The Honorable John E. Porter* The Honorable and Mrs. David E. Price* Mr. Blaine Purcell* Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Purdy* Mr. Douglas Remer Mr. Bernard M. Robinson Mr. Rodney A. Ross Mrs. Sharon Rusnak* Mr. and Mrs. Ray Samuelson* Mr. Richard D. Sanchez Mr. Carl Saperstein* The Honorable Paul S. Sarbanes* Dr. Judith Schneider* Mrs. Suzanne Schwengels* Msgr. Francis R. Seymour, KHS Mr. Todd Shedd Mr. Robert Sheh Mr. Steven Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Siegel Mr. Albert H. Small Ms Carla Smith* Mr. Donald J. Snyder Mr. William Stanco* Ms Ellen F. Stanton Ms Ellen C. Stavros* Mr. Edward Steinhouse Mr. Howard B. Stevens Mr. Seymour B. Stiss Ms Cornelia J. Strawser* Dr. Phyllis Stubbs The Honorable Williamson Stuckey, Jr.* Mr. Stanley Stylianos Ms Wendy Swanson Ms Shannon Swanson* Mr. and Mrs. Lydon J. Swartzendruber The Honorable and Mrs. John S. Tanner* Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Terry Mr. Gordon Thomas Ms Mary Thorne Mr. Christian Torres Acevedo Mr. James Uberti The Honorable and Mrs. Robert S. Walker* Ms F. Jean Warring* Mr. Christian Wiggins* Ms Frances E. Williams* Mr. Kimball Winn* Ms Victoria Wolfe Col. E. Ray Yount, Jr. Mr. Philip Zeidman Mr. John H. Zentay DONORS TO THE U.S. CAPITOL PORTRAIT COLLECTION Airlines for America Altria Client Services LLC American Association Of Airport Executives American Chemistry Council American Gaming Association American Road and Transportation Builders Ms Rebecca L. Anderson* Apollo Education Group Associated Builders And Contractors, Inc. AT&T Mr. James Bergeron BlueCross BlueShield Association The Boeing Company Boston Scientific Corporation Boy Scouts of America Mr. James Brandell Wallace Burnett CGCN Group, LLC The Chickasaw Nation Cole For Congress Comcast NBCUniversal James Crum CTIA David Kensinger & Associates Mr. Mark Davis Document Storage Systems Edison Electric Institute Erisa Industry Committee PAC Exelon Corporation Florida Sugar Cane League, Inc. General Atomics Aeronautical, Inc. General Motors Mr. Harry Glenn Mr. Douglas Gregory Mr. Charles Grizzle Mr. A. Blake Hanlon Hess Corporation Mr. Michael R. Higdon Mr. Robert Hobart Mr. David Hobbs HR Policy Association 54

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