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November 2017

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM NOVEMBER 2017 4 Eliana Barriga Happy Thanksgiving! NOVEMBER 2017, VOLUME 28, ISSUE 11 CELEBRATING OUR 28 TH YEAR AS THE RETAIL OBSERVER PUBLISHER/MANAGING EDITOR E LIANA BARRIGA DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING MOE LASTFOGEL ART DIRECTOR TERRY PRICE CONTRIBUTING WRITERS HANK ALEXANDER MIKE ALLEN MISSY HODGES DON PIERSON DENNIS SHIELDS DAVID SMITH JOHN TSCHOHL E LLY VALAS LIBBY WAGNER DEADLINE FOR JANUARY 2018 ISSUE: DECEMBER 1, 2017 THE RETAIL OBSERVER 2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 508 Henderson, NV 89014-2121 800.393.0509 • 702.208.9500 Fax 702.570.5664 To receive a copy of The Retail Observer online, or to unsubscribe, please go to The Retail Observer website is hosted by Market Digitally Printed on Recycled Paper THE RETAIL I s there a difference between thanksgiving and gratefulness? Well, I believe there actually is. There is real power in a thankful heart. You really can't be thankful without feeling grateful. Genuine gratitude changes you; how you look at life, it changes your attitude. Every day we are exposed to a barrage of negativity. We deal with resentments, ingratitude, entitlement, health issues, loss, etc. Gratitude is an awesome tool, an ally to battle these internal/external threats that rob us of our joy. People who choose to be haters rob themselves of a most powerful experience of heartfelt praise and appreciation in their life. Amazing, how gratitude eliminates the negativity. Giving value to others fosters appreciation, which in turn becomes the transformative energy of gratitude that changes us on a deep level. Practicing gratitude can be a positive way to find inner peace and contentment. By choosing to be thankful for the wonderful things and people in our daily lives we become healthier and happier. It is a mindful act so simple, yet it brings a lasting happiness and an inner joy to those committed to living the good life. Think about the people in your life who are loving and kind to you. Who has your back by looking out for you? Who has sacrificed in order to make your life better? Do the people closest to you have your best interest at heart? At the end of the day, we all have those people in our lives that add to our happiness. Don't ever take for granted what another does, gives and sacrifices in order for you to flourish, to be the best version of yourself you can be. It takes a team in life to come out a winner in the end. Living gratefully has its rewards! Give the gift of joy that comes from loving and helping others. That's the power of gratitude. So take thanks beyond your Thanksgiving table this year and show your gratitude by doing something selfless today. . GIVING THANKS YEAR-ROUND Elle's View As I See It

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