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common tablet shapes Standard convex Compound cup Flat-faced bevel- edged bisect Flat-faced bevel- edged quadrisect Flat-faced radius-edged Lozenge Modified ball Core rod type (hole in center) Capsule Modified capsule Convex with bevel Flat-faced plain Flat-faced bevel- edged Standard convex bisect not flush Standard convex quadrisect flush Standard convex straight-through bisect Oval Arc triangle Modified rectangle Diamond Pentagon Hexagon Octagon natural edge Heart Half moon (" D" shape) Almond Square Pillow (arc square) Rectangle Bullet Arrowhead Triangle Reprinted by permission. From Tableting Specification Manual, 7th edition (Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association, 2006), figure 25. © 2006 by the American Pharmacists Association. c a p s u l e s i z e s & t a b l e t s h a p e s Tablets & Capsules November 2017 55

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