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Wiegel Tool Works Wiegel Tool Works (WTW) is a metal- stamping manufacturer in Wood Dale, Illinois. Established in 1941, the company specializes in complete turnkey packages, including engineering, prototypes, tool construction and wire/electrical discharge machining. rough the years, the company has invested heavily in new technology and equipment. As part of its continuous improvement culture, manage- ment identified the oil room as the next key improvement opportunity. e original oil room did not meet best practices and was due for a redesign. Oil drums were stored on racks and the floor. No level gauges were used on drums, which resulted in poor inventory control. Each oil drum also did not have its own designated pump. is increased the risk of cross-contamination, as pumps were interchanged across drums. Proper identification of oils and oil containers was another major problem. At the beginning of the improvement project, WTW's lubricants were examined, and the consumption rate and storage capacity were determined. An efficient and cost- effec- tive method of storing oils was employed, with the facility's highest running oils stored in 300-gallon rack systems. e average running oils are stored in 120-gallon and 65-gallon bulk storage systems with color-coded tanks. ese systems have dedicated pumps, filters and breathers for each oil. e plant's low running oils are kept in 55-gallon drums and stored on a spill-containing rack system. is new layout offers a compact footprint, allowing more oil to be stored in less space. All oils now have a designated container, location, color and shape for easy identifica- tion. e oil containers also have color-coded lids. Having designated containers for each oil has helped to prevent cross-contamination. In addition, the entire oil room was completely remodeled. Floors were painted with industrial-grade paint to eliminate oil stains and provide for easy cleanup. Two new cabinets were purchased to store the oil containers, with each cabinet having color-coded locations for individual containers. e oil room project has been a major success. Since the room has been in place, WTW has received positive feedback from its staff and seen lube- related mistakes decrease significantly. Employee attitudes toward the room have also changed. With its continuous improvement culture, WTW plans to pursue new ideas for creating an even more efficient oil room in the future. ML Oil drums were on racks and the floor in the original oil storage room at the Wiegel Tool Works plant. The oil room's new layout allows more oil to be stored in less space while helping to prevent cross-contamination. LUBE ROOM CHALLENGE After Before

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