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METALWORKING FLUID Cimperial 35-880 from Cimcool is a high-per- formance metalworking fluid intended for use in a number of heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. It is formulated with a unique technology to ensure stability and pH buffering as well as corrosion protection. e boron- and form- aldehyde-free fluid is designed especially for the manufacture of aircraft components made from aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and cobalt-based alloys. Cimcool 888-246-2665 AUTOMATIC LUBRICATOR e new TLMP automatic lubricator from SKF is engineered to provide reliable relubrication of multiple lube points in industrial applications as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles. Capable of supplying one to 18 lubrication points, the TLMP is packaged as a complete kit, including a lubricator, required tubing and connectors. e lubricator features pluggable outlets and is easy to install and program via its keypad with an LED display. e cycle control sensor ensures lubricant is delivered to the outlets, while the filter helps to avoid grease contamination from airborne particles. SKF 267-436-6000 TRUNK PISTON OILS Shell's new Argina and Gadinia trunk piston oils incorporate base number retention and viscosity control to address the faster oxidation that leads to deposit formation or lubricant contamination. Developed for the medium-speed engine market, the Argina range includes four grades: the S2 for residual, blended and distillate fuels; the "mainstream" S3 and S4; and the S5, which offers extra protection from deposits and extended oil life. e Gadinia S3 was designed to control oil consumption in modern engines burning distillate fuels. Shell 800-237-8645 5 6 8 7 6 8 MULTI-PURPOSE GREASES e WD-40 Specialist line of greases is formulated for automotive, construction and farming professionals dealing with a variety of specialized lubrication challenges. e new line includes the Superior Performance True Multi-Purpose Grease, which is designed to provide lubrication under extreme-pressure, high-tem- perature and severe conditions; the Heavy-Duty High Temperature Grease, which can withstand heavy mechanical loads and extreme temperatures; and the Heavy-Duty Extreme Pressure Grease, which features exceptional load-carrying ability, anti-wear protection and high dropping point properties. e interchangeable greases are intended to protect against rust and corrosion and not cause cross- contamination issues. WD-40 888-324-7596 7 ML 5

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