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Covetrus Branded Products portfolio offers hundreds of low-cost, high-quality products help you maintain fee schedules and increase business profitability.

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SutureVet™ TABLE OF CONTENTS Types of Suture 3 Types of Needles 4 PGA Swift Suture 7 PGA Suture 9 PGA Plus Suture 12 Sorbocryl™ Suture 14 Sorbocryl™ Plus Suture 17 Monosorb™ Suture 19 Monosorb™ Plus Suture 23 Chromic Gut Suture 24 Silk Suture 26 Monofil™ Suture 27 Promend™ Suture 29 Propylglo Green Suture 31 Propylglo Pink Suture 32 Equine Suture Line 33 Suture Cassettes 34 Surgical Glue, Skin Staplers & Bone Wax 35 Needle Comparison Charts 36 Animal Weight / Surgery Chart 38 CATALOG ORDER TODAY: (855) 724-3461 | FAX: (888) 329-3861 | 2 The Right Products for the Right Procedure At Covetrus, we are committed to helping your practice's profitability and quality of care. By offering all of our swaged suture products in one dozen boxes, we help veterinarians manage the dollars they have tied-up in suture inventory. Combined with our average 30% discount from the leading brand, switching from the leading brand's three dozen packs to our dozen packs can reduce the cost of your suture inventory by 75%. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE • High quality, human grade suture material • Suture sold by the dozen, allowing less capital to be tied up in excess inventory • On average over 30% discount versus the leading brand name • Most swaged suture comes with an additional 3 inches of suture more than the leading brand All SutureVet™ products come with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you use a SutureVet™ product and are not happy with it for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund.

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