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NEXT SPECIAL ISSUE THECAPITOLDOMEWILL COMMEMORATE SOCIETY'S FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY THE NEXT SPECIAL MAGAZINE issue of The Capitol Dome newsletter will commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United States Capitol Historical Society in 1962. The main feature article will examine the context in which the organization was founded in the summer and early fall of that year by a group of members of Congress, historians, and government and civic leaders led by Iowa Republican Representative Fred Schwengel. A former high school history teacher active in the Iowa Historical Society, the Abraham Lincoln Association, and the Lincoln Roundtable, Schwengel saw the need for a historical society devoted to the Capitol and Congress. "It seems to me," he said at the organization's founding meeting, "that the millions of people, adult and youth, who come here need somehow to be helped while they are here to catch something of the fire that burned in the hearts of those who walked and talked in these halls....It seems to me we must try to do a better job of educating our people on these things." USCHS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Gary Abrecht Hon. Richard Baker, Ph.D. Tamra Bentsen Ken Bowling Hon. Richard Burr Hon. E. Thomas Coleman L. Neale Cosby Scott Cosby Suzanne Dicks Nancy Dorn George C. "Bud" Garikes David Geanacopoulos Frederick Graefe Leslie Hayes Bruce Heiman Hon. Richard Holwill Mark Hopkins R. Bruce Josten Tim Keating Hon. Dirk Kempthorne Rob Lively Hon. Jim Longley Tamera Luzzatto Tim Lynch Norm Ornstein Marty Paone Beverly L. Perry The Capitol Dome is a quarterly publication of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, 200 Maryland Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20002 P: (202) 543-8919 F: (202) 544-8244 Catalog Orders: (800) 887-9318 email: on the web: Chief Historian: Donald R. Kennon Editor: Lauren Borchard Designer: Cynthia Scudder In addition to the feature article, the fiftieth anniversary issue will highlight the Society's programs and accomplishments throughout its first fifty years, beginning with the publication of the popular guidebook to the Capitol, We the People, in 1963. Congressman Fred Schwengel and Senator Carl Hayden (seated in center) pose with other founding members of the United States Capitol Historical Society at an early organizational meeting in July 1962. THE CAPITOL DOME For more information on our Capitol Alumni membership category, visit All uncredited photos are courtesy of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society. Hon. David E. Price Cokie Roberts Mike Ruehling Hon. Ron Sarasin Dontai Smalls Tina Tate James A. Thurber Hon. Pat Tiberi Hon. Tom Udall Hon. Zach Wamp Deborah A. White Candida P. Wolff J. Dennis Molloy (counsel)

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