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On the weekend following our visit, racing was abandoned at St Moritz after a race in which English jockey George Baker incurred a se- rious head injury and his mount was fatally injured following a fall in the home straight. In the ensuing months, Baker, who won the 2016 St Leger on Harbour Law (GB), has made steady improvement but, de- spite being fully mobile, has been forced to retire from race-riding. An accident investigation found that large differences in tempera- ture had led to cracks forming in the ice which allowed water to rise to the surface, creating hollows on the track. The St Moritz Racing As- sociation has taken steps to ensure that this tragic scenario is not re- peated by reducing the hospitality area surrounding the racecourse for the 2018 meeting and it also plans to deploy an infrared drone to detect potential areas where water could rise and cause irregularities in the track surface. Extra safety measures taken following tragic accident

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