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27 Days in inventory Destination services Direct reimbursement Duplicate housing Directed offer EE ERC Exception Time period from the date of execution of the offer to purchase with employee through the resale-closing date. Accurate comparison of one corporation's days in inventory to another's requires recognition and appropriate adjustment if different dates are used. Home finding and other services for a transferee to assist them with resettlement in a new location. A type of home-sale program in which the corporation does not purchase the employee's home or guarantee a certain value, but simply reimburses the employee for the commission and other related selling costs. The reimbursements are considered income by the IRS and are taxed as such. Costs reimbursed to an employee who winds up owning two homes due to delay in selling or closing or some similar sequence of events on either the new home or the old one. Typically, these costs include mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance and insurance. The offer-to-purchase price which a client corporation may direct a third-party company to pay for an employee's property, and which may not be the home's fair-market value. Term sometimes used for the transferred employee in a relocation situation. The Employee Relocation Council, national professional association for the relocation industry. It is to relocation what NAR is to Realtors. Membership includes relocation professionals from corporations and from vendors such as appraisers, real estate companies, inspectors, relocation companies, etc. Cases in which a relocation policy provision is waived or changed to accommodate a particular employee's situation.

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