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29 Home sale program In-house relocation program Initiation Inspection rider Inventory properties That part of a corporation's relocation program designed to facilitate a relatively fast, convenient means by which an employee may sell his/ her home with a minimum of time and effort, usually accomplished through a third-party company or corporate in-house department by appraised value, amended-value, or assigned-sale transaction. Situation in which a corporation administers its buy-out program and other relocation services through its own relocation department rather than using a third-party program. In such cases, brokers would market directly to the corporation rather than to a third-party company. Sometimes called an authorization, this is the term given to the launching of the relocation assignment, whether pre-marketing, home sale or home finding. It refers to the initial call (or other notification method) received advising the service provider to contact the employee and begin the process. A required addendum to purchase agreements of corporate relocation homes. Generally, it states property is being sold as is; all inspection reports have been disclosed to buyer, and that it's the buyer's duty to inspect/test. Refers to homes that have undergone a buy-out and are currently being managed as vacant properties and marketed for resale.

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