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left that church, he felt like a stranger in a strange land. "I felt like I was re-entering Earth's atmosphere. I saw things through fresh eyes." "Up to that point, my painting had been all about commentating on the natural world," he recalls. "I was working very hard to produce pretty paintings. In a sense, my work was all about me: I wanted people to think that I was a good artist." That isolation had allowed him an insight into the world that those of us who are immersed in it day in and day out might become blind to—and it has informed his work ever since. "When I went through this transition, I real- ized that it's not about whether I'm good or not or whether the painting is good or not, but whether it communicates love to the person who is looking at it," Bull muses. "Everyone is driven by a longing to love and be loved." Bull's Carmel Point home also houses his main studio—his backyard deck. "I'm inspired by everything that enters my eyes, basically. That boils down to nature: trees, flowers, moun- tains—things that are primarily organic." The bucolic scene that surrounds his al fresco work space provides lots of that inspiration. "Through enjoying and observing and sitting with that world, I pull stories out and tell them in a differ- ent format," he explains. Of course, winter weather being what it is, he needs to maintain (Clockwise from top) "Journey," "On The Wings Of Angels," "Sky Surf Sand" C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 165

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