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SYN LUBE SERIES 22 - 100 100% • High-performance, 100% synthetic, polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based fluids. • Provides extended drain intervals up to 8,000 hours in most compressors. • Fully compatible OEM fluid replacement. ISO grades 22, 32, 46, 68 & 100. SYNAC SERIES 100% SYNTHETIC • High-performance, 100% diester-based synthetic air compressor fluids. • Formulated to eliminate varnish buildup in high temperature applications. • Allows extended drain intervals up to 8,000 hours. SYNCOOL FG • NSF H1 Registered and NSF ISO 21469 Certified - Food Machinery Grade. • 100% synthetic, ISO 46 grade, high-temperature polyglycolester-based fluid. • ECO-friendly - readily biodegradable (Pw1). • Fortified with Lubriplate's proprietary anti-wear additive . SFGO ULTRA SERIES 22- 68 NSF H1 • NSF H1 registered and NSF ISO 21469 certified - food machinery grade. • 100% synthetic, PAO-based fluids for food processing and bottling plants. • Available in ISO viscosity grades 22, 32, 46 and 68. • Fortified with Lubriplate's proprietary anti-wear additive . SYNXTREME AC SERIES ECO FRIENDLY • High-performance, 100% synthetic polyolester (POE)-based, fluids. • Provides extended fluid change intervals up to +10,000 hours. • ECO-friendly - readily biodegradable (Pw1). ISO grades 32, 46 and 68. SYNCOOL ECO FRIENDLY • High-performance, 100% synthetic, polyglycolester-based fluid. • ECO-friendly - readily biodegradable (Pw1). • For high-temperature applications. ISO 32/46 grade. AC SERIES PETROLEUM • High-quality, petroleum-oil based, anti-wear fortified compressor fluids. • Formulated to reduce carbon and varnish build-up. • They effectively fight friction, wear, heat and foaming. • Available in six ISO viscosity grades for a wide range of conditions. TURBINE OIL 32 PETROLEUM • High-quality, zinc-free, petroleum-oil based fluid. • Formulated to meet the requirements of most centrifugal air compressors. • Provides excellent oxidation resistance. • ISO viscosity grade 32. SYNTHETIC PAO-BASED REGISTERED FOOD GRADE SYNTHETIC POE-BASED FOR UNSURPASSED QUALITY, PERFORMANCE AND VARIETY... LOOK TO LUBRIPLATE® COMPRESSOR FLUIDS Newark, NJ 07105 / Toledo, OH 43605 / 800-733-4755 To learn more visit us at Plant Surveys / Tech Support / Training Color Coded Lube Charts & Machine Tags Lubrication Software / Follow-Up Oil Analysis Backed By: ESP Lubriplate ® Complimentary Extra Services Package Lubriplate's complete line of premium-quality compressor fluids has been formulated to deliver unsurpassed performance in a wide range of compressors. They meet and exceed the performance specifications of most compressor manufacturers and interchange directly with most OEM fluids. Available products include... ECO FRIENDLY H1 FOOD GRADE DIESTER-BASED FLUIDS 100% SYNTHETIC POLYGLYCOLESTER-BASED OIL-BASED FLUIDS OIL-BASED FLUID

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