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AUTOMATIC LUBE SYSTEM Graco's Electric Grease Jockey is a new automatic lubrication system for the trucking and fleet industry. It incorporates a lubrication pump with integrated controls to offer system health, status and low-level alerts as well as motor burnout protection. e system flushes and blocks contaminants with a consistent supply of fresh grease during the vehicle's oper- ation. e distribution meters allow the electric-powered system to reliably deliver NLGI #2 grease, while the low-level sensor automatically alerts the operator when lubricant is low. Graco 844-241-9504 FLUID EXTRACTOR e new fluid extractors from Lumax are designed to move fluids through dipstick tubes and filler ports. e extractors work by manual pump operation to create a vacuum, which is intended to provide greater mobility without the need for electricity or compressed air. Suitable for brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid and water, the transfer pumps can be used for extracting fluids and changing engine oils and lubricants in gearboxes, all- terrain vehicles, farm equipment, motor bikes, snow- mobiles, boats and watercraft. Lumax 844-660-6876 ULTRASOUND DETECTORS SDT's new Checker range of ultrasound detectors is engineered to provide a low-cost solution for every potential problem, with the LEAKChecker for pinpointing pressure and vacuum leaks, the LUBEChecker for optimizing bearing lubrication, the TR APChecker for assessing the condition of steam traps and valves, and the TIGHTChecker for verifying the tightness of closed volumes. Users simply choose the right tool for the job at hand and then perform a fast, troubleshooting inspection. Each detector can identify defects early and quickly while also enabling deeper analysis and trending. SDT 800-667-5325 5 6 8 7 6 8 PORTABLE FILTRATION SYSTEM e Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper from Innovative Products of America is a new filtration system for removing debris, impurities and water from contaminated diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene in fleet trucks, off-road equipment and stationary holding tanks. e portable unit employs a diaphragm pump and panel mount controls along with a spill-free, drain-down design. It can transfer up to 26 gallons per minute and includes extra 17- and 30-micron filters, 11-foot intake and output hoses, rigid and flex wands, a flow-through brush, and quick-disconnect ball valve. Innovative Products of America 888-786-7899 7 ML 5

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