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nology. Soon I will be gathering special sets of samples and, based on the results, establishing oil change intervals for specific pumps. Q: What have been some of the biggest project successes in which you've played a part? A: An overall success we've had is tran- sitioning from a reactive maintenance organization to a proactive organization by utilizing oil analysis and oil filtering, estab- lishing a lube room and implementing best practices in contamination control from the MLT training. e hydraulic system PM played a part in helping reduce our plant- wide hydraulic oil contaminant particle count by 95 percent in six months. Q : H o w d o e s y o u r c o m p a n y v i e w m a c h i n e r y lu b r i c a t i o n i n ter m s of i mpor t a nc e a nd over a l l business strateg y? A: After safety, lubrication is the most crit- ical aspect of our maintenance program so that equipment doesn't fail unexpectedly and cause downtime. All of our improve- ment efforts will help save money and enable Mosaic to be a low-cost producer by reducing equipment failures, downtime and costs/spending, as well as increase planned/scheduled work. Q: What do you see as some of the more important trends taking place in the lubrication and oil analysis field? A: An important trend I've witnessed over the last couple of years at my plant is bringing lubrication education to the hourly level of an organization so mechanics can look at and understand oil sample reports and then implement corrective actions as needed without having to wait on someone else to interpret the report. Training everyone is the opposite of the "way we've always done it" mentality and will provide benefit to any company. ML START YOUR FREE SUBSCRIPTION ML RAM (Reservoir Access Manifold) Reservoir, Drum and Gearbox Adapters supply large permanent down tubes into fluids using the existing breather port with no fabrication. Hydraulic and lube fluids must be clean, cool and dry for machine reliability. RAMs supply simple oil access for filtering fluids while maintaining a closed-system and your ISO oil cleanliness codes. • • 916.752.2984 RAMs Supply Fluid Access for Reliable Hydraulics! Off-Line Filtering! Filter Before Use! S o l u t i o n s b y D e s i g n S o l u t i o n s b y D e s i g n www . | January - February 2018 | 31

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