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www . | January - February 2018 | 35 UE Systems' new 4Cast Remote Ultrasound Bearing Monitoring System operates 24/7/365. Stored data and sound samples are sent to a host computer when user defined alarms are breached to help determine cause and action. UE Systems, Inc. 800-223-1325 SUPERMARKET Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean, but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the crit- ical proactive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. Harvard Corporation 800-523-1327 Grease Bearings Right! LUBExpert Acoustic Lubri- cation and Greasing Assistant indicates the Right Lubricant, Right Location and Right Interval. Prevents over and under lubrication with Right Quantity. Gives Right Indicators for lubrication and bearing condition. LUDECA 305-591-8935 HTC Oil with VarniShield® prevents sluggish opera- tion over wide operating ranges and keeps your system clean from varnish buildups. Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants 800-325-9962 e MiniLab 53 is the next generation onsite oil analysis system for industrial machinery. e system delivers comprehensive onsite oil analysis, providing immediate actionable results that save time and reduce costs for equipment operators and maintainers. Spectro Scientific Inc. minilab-53/ 978-486-0123 Machinery Lubrication I (MLI) provides the founda- tional skill set for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge. rough MLI, students can move away from the "old-school" methods of vague, non-specific lubrication procedures and implement an excellent lubrication program in any industrial workplace. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2017, you can still get the conference proceed- ings. It includes the papers and presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 is book is packed with useful, actionable infor- mation that you'll put to use right away. It answers the tough questions and is written so that anyone can understand it. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 e Luneta Sight Glass achieves a high level of clarity that provides a crystal-clear, undistorted view of in-service oils – you will notice the differ- ence immediately. It is also 4X stronger than traditional acrylic sight glasses, shatterproof and chemically resistant. Luneta 1-888-742-2021

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