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March 2018

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MARCH 2018 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 refrigeration with the introduction of 84"-tall column refrigerators, freezers and wine reserves. With the product launch, Perlick also expands into the residential cooking appliance category with exclusively engineered ranges and range tops. "Perlick is thrilled to introduce this new line to the public after several years spent perfecting each and every aspect of its performance and design," said Tim Ebner, vice president of marketing and business development for Perlick. "Our customers demand both beauty and quality—and that's exactly what we've developed with our new collection of home appliances." Even before the official launch, the industry has been abuzz: Perlick's new column wine reserve was selected as a 2017 AD Great Design Award winner by Architectural Digest in fall 2017, among a limited number of new products recognized by the publication for truly best-in-class design. THE CONTINUATION OF COOL Perlick's new column refrigeration units embody the company's history of professional-grade performance, facilitating the ultimate restaurant chef experience at home with numerous industry-exclusive offerings. The columns showcase a stunning mix of slate-black and brushed-stainless-steel interiors and LED theatre lighting, creating a dramatic backdrop that beautifully showcases food and drink. Some of the columns' most anticipated features include: Perlick 24" Column Refrigerator • Four Zones of Precision Cooling — Only Perlick offers four independently controlled temperature zones. Each zone maintains temperature within one degree Fahrenheit of setpoint, with smart settings for deli, meat/fish, produce and beverages. Storing fresh ingredients at their ideal temperatures helps them last longer. • Real Humidity / Dual Chamber Air Filtration — Tip-out produce bin features proven food preservation technology that keeps greens fresher and crisper, longer. Advanced electronic monitoring of humidity levels, the intelligence to add real moisture back into the compartment, and filtration that removes gases emitted by some fruits and vegetables, all prevent premature wilt. Together with precision temperature control, this proven preservation technology not only extends the storage life of your produce, but also helps retain important nutrients longer. • Touch-Screen Control Panel — Sleek, black design disappears into the backdrop until it's awoken with a touch. Customize temperature preferences in one-degree increments and activate Sabbath mode with the touch of a button. Provides access to smart temperature settings for deli items, meat/ fish and fresh produce, maintaining optimal storage conditions for specific ingredients. Perlick 24" Column Wine Reserves • Zone Flexibility — Dual-zone reserves allow users to set either zone for serving reds or whites, use it as a single zone by setting both zones for the same type of wine, or put the entire reserve into cellar mode at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. • Humidity Control — Advanced technology monitors humidity levels in the reserve, and if necessary, pushes moisture into the compartment to maintain 60-70 percent humidity, which preserves corks and prevents oxidation. • Carbon Air Filtration — Natural carbon filtration maintains optimal air quality by absorbing damaging odors. This, along with an integrated humidity system, ensures ideal conditions for proper maturation. TURNING UP THE HEAT IN A NEW CATEGORY Since its inception, Perlick has developed products for maximum performance, using the highest quality materials and incorporating cutting-edge cooking technologies. In 2018, the company brings that expertise to a new category with its innovative line of cooking appliances. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by Perlick, the company's line of dual-fuel ranges and range tops was developed by the industry's leading experts on cooking technology at Perlick's West Coast Innovation Center. Poised to change the way authentic home cooks expertly prepare and serve their favorite foods in the comfort of their own kitchens, some of Perlick's cooking units' impressive features include: • Highest-BTU Burner in the Industry — Exclusive 30,000 BTU, dual-valve brass burner design for foodies and chefs who demand both high heat and extra-low-simmer temperatures. Every burner on a Perlick can deliver extra-low-simmer temperatures and the highest heat in the industry for unlimited versatility. • Turntable Oven Rack — Industry-unique turntable oven rack system eliminates hot spots for even cooking and baking. • Sous Vide Cooking Mode — Industry-unique system utilizes precision oven temperature control and turntable system to provide sous vide cooking inside the oven. • Largest Oven Capacity in Industry — Oven accommodates commercial-size cookware, for the in-home professional chef or entertaining large groups. Perlick's new collection comprises 10 first-ever appliances, including a 24" column refrigerator, 24" column freezer, 24" column single-zone wine reserve, and 24" column dual-zone wine reserve, all available for immediate order; as well as 30-, 36-, and 48" dual-fuel ranges, and 30-, 36-, and 48" slide-in gas rangetops, which will be available spring 2018. Visit to learn more about Perlick's new full-size appliance line or to find a dealer.

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