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Letter from the editor 6 Research news 8 Markets 8 Industry news 9 Calendar 49 Supplier news 50 People news 51 Advertiser index 51 Product update 52 TABLETS & CAPSULES outsourcing Choosing a contract manufacturing organization 13 Christa Myers and Kevin Debbs Issue focus: Outsourcing 18 Tablets & Capsules (ISSN 1549-9928 print; ISSN 1938-9159 online) is published by CSC Publishing, Inc, 1155 Northland Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55120. departments w w w . t a b l e t s c a p s u l e s . c o m March 2018 Volume 16 Number 2 Creating spray-dried dispersions to improve API solubility 23 Nikki Whit eld Trends in the solid oral drug delivery market 29 Awanish Kumar Pandey Interphex preview 32 Dedusters: A survey of what's available 34 Developing xed-dose combinations 36 Amar Patel, Bruhalkumar Shah, Deep Patel, Satish Shetty, and Anthony Qu CPhI North America preview 41 Counters and bottle llers: A survey of what's available 42 Eye on Excipients 43 Kirti Vatsa ExcipientFest preview 48 Back page Cover 3 Scott Garverick also in this issue Cover photo shows the compa- ny's low-humidity primary pack- aging suite, which facilitates the packaging of humidity-sensitive pharmaceuticals by maintaining relative humidity levels as low as 6 percent at 70°F. Turn-key contract packager is located near major third-party logistics and distributors. Site is compli- ant with the FDA, DEA, and MHRA. Company employs rigor- ous QA processes and cGMP quality systems and is serializa- tion/aggregation ready. Courtesy of Pharma Packaging Solutions, Clinton, TN. For more information, call 800 533 7744 or visit

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