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36 March 2018 Tablets & Capsules D eveloping new drug products is very expensive, especially when formulating new chemical entities (NCEs). Many pharmaceutical companies are turning to FDCs as a way to reduce those development costs. An FDC is a drug product that combines two or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs or drugs) in a single dosage form. FDCs are acceptable only when the dosage of each API meets the Fixed-dose combination (FDC) drug products are a safe and cost-effective way for pharmaceutical companies to extend patent protections and improve patient adherence to drug therapy, but developing FDCs can be challenging. This article discusses FDC development and the importance of using a quality-by-design approach when developing an FDC. Developing fixed-dose combinations Amar Patel, Bruhalkumar Shah, Deep Patel, Satish Shetty, and Anthony Qu Halo Pharmaceuticals formulation

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