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28 | March - April 2018 | www . Many different types of greases are used successfully in these applica- tions. e specific grease employed is not as important as the frequency of the greasing, which can help to keep dust out of the races and prevent rapid wear rates. Since conveyors are often outside and open to all weather conditions, it is not uncommon to choose a water-resistant grease to inhibit water ingress. Greasing Frequency In these applications, greasing is seldom performed frequently enough because of the distances between the bearings and the height at which they are located above the ground. A lack of labor availability can add to this problem. e use of greasing systems in which a centrally located reservoir feeds numerous points through piping may be considered. However, the pipe runs could potentially be quite long, requiring a number of these types of systems. e other alternative would be a single-point grease lubricator that attaches directly to each bearing. ese lubricators can be set to expel grease over variable amounts of time to suit the application and bearing size. They can also significantly reduce the amount of labor required to individually grease the bearings as well as help to alleviate the ingress of contaminants by applying constant pressure on the bearing. Of course, the total cost of utilizing these types of lubrica- tors throughout a plant must be weighed against the amount of labor involved. In addition, keep A cement crusher gear A cement kiln LUBRICATION PROGRAMS

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