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2 | March - April 2018 | M aintenance and Reliabilit y AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation Guidelines for Developing a World-class Inspection Plan Like most business plans and strategies, an inspection plan should be built from the top down. It should begin with a clear statement of corporate goals and objectives related to asset manage- ment. is approach is addressed in ISO 55001. Another global standard currently under construction by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), ICML 55 focuses on optimized management of lubricated assets. It is aligned to ISO 55001 guidelines as well. A full-on inspection plan should also be a detailed and comprehen- sive document to ensure that key features and functional elements are not overlooked. From there, it can be abridged or streamlined for quick review by technicians and operators. e unabridged version of the plan can even serve as a rough curric- ulum for training and competency testing for both current and aspiring new inspectors. "A well- constructed inspection plan enhances the likelihood and magnitude of successful and sustained deployment."

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