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Why You Should Consider Using Biodegradable Oils Biodegradable oils have many advantages over mineral-based oils. However, switching to vegetable- based lubricants can be costly and take time away from production. Read this article on the ML site to learn why you should consider the application as well as your company values when deciding which lubricant is right for you. How to Select the Right Grease for High-speed Applications High-speed applications like fans, blowers and pillow-block bearings often use the wrong lubricant, especially when they involve greased components. ese high-speed applications also tend to run hotter, which causes the lubricant and the component to break down quicker. Access this 2-minute, 18-second video to discover how you can control this excess heat by selecting the proper high-speed grease. When to Take an Oil Sample One of the most important times to take an oil sample on any machine is during the first few hours of operation. Check out this article on the ML site to understand why the probability of failure is much higher at the onset of a machine's life due to the poten- tial of infant mortality, which is a result of break-in wear and other possible faults during fabrication. Why an Oil's Viscosity Index Is Important Lubricant manufacturers typically provide the viscosity for their products at 40 and 100 degrees C. e amount of change in the viscosity in relation to the temperature is known as the lubricant's viscosity index. Access this 1-minute, 37-second video to find out why the viscosity index is important, which types of lubricants tend to have a higher viscosity index and how you can be sure you are using the right viscosity for your machinery. How to Perform Onsite Oil Analysis Implementing a procedure to characterize contam- inant particles found in lubricants and becoming proficient in this technique will require considerable study and practice. Learn why you should first set goals for the analysis, such as determining the particle size, metal type and wear failure modes, by reading this article on the ML site. ML MachineryLubrication. com is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrica- tion- related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • The New Oxidation Standard for Next-Gen Heavy-Duty Diesel (HDD) Oils • Machine Oil Case Study: Medium-sized Gear Machining Company • Digitalization of Vibration-based Condition Monitoring • Bottle Sampling Methods Prove to Be Outdated: Cloud- based Fluid Condition Monitoring Is Here to Stay Check out the full list of white papers by visiting MachineryLubrication. com and clicking on the "White Papers" link. FEATURED WHITE PAPERS BY THE NUMBERS Find more great ar ticle s and content f rom M achin er y Lubric ation magazin e onlin e. From web exclusive s and indus tr y n ews to vide os , white pap er s , buyer 's guide s and more, ever y thing that relate s to machin er y lubric ation is available now on w w w. M achin er yLubric ation .com . 69 % of lubrication professionals say their plant has not yet achieved lubrication excellence, based on a recent survey at NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM www . | March - April 2018 | 41

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