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www . | March - April 2018 | 47 ML Quality Service Expertise See all our products at: ( 800.749.5823 Klüber Lubrication NA LP Summit products are made in U.S. High Quality, Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Grease SumTech® SG Series lubricating synthetic greases are heavy-duty multipurpose lubricating greases with development emphasis on long-term and lifetime lubrication of rolling element bearings under moderate to high load and high temperature operations. We would love to explore how SumTech® SG Series could support your operation. lubrication or oil analysis program can also earn some bragging rights if their customers win an award. But they can only win if they apply. Don't wait for that to happen. You can nomi- nate your clients for the Gill or Battle award, and let ICML follow up with them to confirm. Practitioner Level: Better Employees Equal Better Returns Can a corporate-level award motivate practitioners on the plant floor? It can if the award is properly ascribed to their individual efforts and commitment. Studies have shown that awards and recognition, feeling like part of the decision-making process, and a sense of achievement are stronger motivators than money. e ICML awards address these moti- vators by validating that team members are working for a winner. ey also demonstrate that all certification training and new practices are worthy of peer acknowledgment. Why is this important for individual practitioners? Motivated employees bring better returns for their company. Meeting and exceeding personal performance goals will help employees gain self-confidence and exercise self-reliance. e cumulative impact within a lubrication or oil analysis program leads to more reliable achievement of plant-level goals. Never underestimate the motivational power of a purpose (e.g., an industry award) that is bigger than oneself, especially when combined with continuing education that teaches the how and why of lubrication and oil analysis. Next Steps: The Deadline for 2018 Submissions Is Approaching If your company wins an ICML award, don't rest on your laurels. Apply again. Even if you win multiple awards, keep applying. A good rule of thumb is to nominate your best success stories every year. Remember, you want your competitors, customers and team members to know that your commitment to excellence is ongoing. Why? Because everyone likes to do business with winners, and you don't want to be the company that looks marooned amidst a sea of industry advancements. Completed applications for the Augustus H. Gill and John R. Battle awards are being accepted through Dec. 31, 2018, so start preparing yours today through the ICML website at e winners will be announced at Reliable Plant 2019. ML

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