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Tablets & Capsules April 2018 11 F properties. Tablet coating isn't an overly complex process, but proper coater setup and operating parameters ensure that your tablets are coated evenly and adequately without defects. While the coating formulation and the equipment design also impact coating quality, in this article we will focus on the qualitative relationships between key parameters when using a fully perforated pan film coater. Understanding these parameters and their effects on the coating process will help you perform basic setup and problem solving with your coating system. Note that this This article discusses the basic operating parameters and setup for a perforated pan film coater. ilm coating is a widely used process in tablet manufacturing. Applying a clear or colored aqueous or solvent-based coating can improve a pharmaceutical tablet's appearance, taste, and/or swallowability; make it stronger or easier to handle; or modify its API-release Basic batch coater operating parameters and setup Nicholas S. Slater Freund-Vector tablet coating

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