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Tablets & Capsules April 2018 32K Friend of the Sea certifies Colpex fish oil MILAN, Italy—Friend of the Sea, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the conser- vation of marine habitats, has certi- fied Colpex International's fish oil sourced from Peruvian anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) from the Southeast Pacific Ocean. The certification indi- cates that Colpex acquired the anchoveta using purse seine fleets approved by the organization, pro- cessed the fish in line with a respon- sible production protocol, and main- tained a reliable chain of custody throughout the supply chain from fisheries to manufacturing facilities to ensure that it did not mix with non-certified raw materials. Colpex, Lima, Peru, supplies the food and dietary supplements industry with semi-refined, fully refined, and con- centrated fish oils. Study to investigate whether beet- root supplement decreases CIN LONDON, UK—A research project, funded by Heart Research UK, will investigate whether encap- sulated dietary inorganic nitrate, found in beetroot, can prevent con- trast induced nephropathy (CIN), one of the most common causes of acute kidney failure in hospitals. During a coronary angiography, a special dye is injected into the blood so that the blood vessels can be seen; however, the dye can cause CIN because it reduces nitric oxide levels in the kidneys. Dietary nitrate has been known to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body. If the beet- root capsule is effective, it could reduce rates of kidney damage among patients with heart disease, decrease the need for treatments such as dialysis, and translate into long-term survival, according to Amrita Ahluwalia, co-director and professor of vascular pharmacology at Queen Mary's William Harvey R e s e a r c h I n s t i t u t e . P r o f e s s o r Ahluwalia and her colleagues will divide patients into two groups, one group taking nitrate capsules and the other group taking placebo capsules. They will then measure and compare kidney function in both groups before, two days after, and three months after the procedure to see if the dietary nitrate made a difference.

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