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38 April 2018 Tablets & Capsules R&D bilayer tablet press Piccola bilayer tablet press for R&D and pilot production comes with TSM or EU turret to accommodate B, D, and B and D tooling. GMP-compliant unit produces 45,000 to 51,000 tablets per hour, with a maximum force for both layers of 80 kilonewtons. Company's Director software for data acquisition and analysis comes standard and generates compaction profiles using as little as 300 grams of material. Breakdown and retooling takes just 30 minutes. Other features include dual paddle feeders, an automatic adjustment feature for the lower rolls and weight cams, and an ejection force transducer. SMI, Lebanon, NJ 908 534 1500 Benchtop tablet press NP-RD10A single-station, semi-automatic benchtop multi- layer tablet press is suitable for lab R&D when only small API samples are available for testing. Unit permits independent control of tablet hardness and weight to meet specific tablet production requirements. Features include B, D, and F tool compatibility; a digital process meter for compression and ejection force display; programmable parameters for compression force control and automatic cycle return; and optional extra-deep fill capacity. Tablet press can be used with company's AIM data acquisition and analytical software to create tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility profiles and identify potential tableting issues such as capping and lamination. Natoli Engineering, St. Charles, MO 636 926 8900

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