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May 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM MAY 2018 36 20128 DESIGN INSPIRATIONS 1. JEFFREY BEERS (photo p. 34) We invite you to the stage for dinner to honor the rock glam and kabuki inspired artistry of alter egos Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane, as well as remember David Bowie's voice in the fight against HIV/AIDS. 2. NOVITA COMMUNICATIONS (photo p. 34) The power of the media to enlighten people and help shape public opinion is as important as ever. This continues to be critical, whether in the fight against HIV/AIDS or the advancement of human rights. The boat represents a vessel of truth, rising above obfuscation in a journey toward a more informed and enlightened society. 3. SVA (photo p. 34) By creating a visual representation of the HIV / AIDS awareness movement, the Red Room incorporates cylindrical elements to create a sense of unity and a celestial aurora that emphasizes the feeling of hope and prosperity. 4. ALESSANDRA BRANCA FOR BENJAMIN MOORE (photo p. 34) The space transports guests to a faraway place. The red high gloss classical treillage with Moroccan arches, collection of brass Moroccan lanterns, Indian linen print and tulip garden all add to the exoticism of a night dining in a Tangier garden! 5. ROTTET STUDIO / S. DONADIC INC / FENDI CASA Inside the contemporary shell, the Rottet design team created a saturated, monochromatic environment filled with life and contrasts through the use of rich botanicals and Dutch still-life paintings. Old-world tradition meets the future with a bold statement ofcolor, focused lighting and textures. 6. PRATT The news of a HIV-positive diagnosis is a heavy weight to bear. Bringing this topic to the table sets the stage for addressing the elephant in the room. 7. NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER The New York Design Center is thrilled to partner with The New York School of Interior Design. As two iconic Design DIFFA'S 21 ST ANNUAL DINING BY DESIGN 5 6 10 9

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