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I f you want to know the answer and have any friends in the harness busi- ness, they will have no problem tell- ing you. Adam Bowden is the person who, at age 24, set out to create a Standardbred breeding operation that would be second to none. On the surface, he might have come across as too gullible, too young and certain to fail. His experi- ence amounted to a couple of summer in- ternships at Hanover Shoe Farms, his fami- ly's claim to fame in harness racing was that it had owned a handful of cheap horses on the Maine circuit and he was entering har- ness racing at a time, 2005, when the sport seemed to falling apart and most everyone else was getting out. But Bowden had big plans. "Mediocrity doesn't really work for me," he said. "That's fine for some other people, but I don't want to be second or third best. I want to be the best." It was easy to imagine a scenario where the youngster would get his clock cleaned and disappear from the sport within a year or two. That's not what happened. Bowden

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