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Dear Mr. Snider, Thank you for publishing the beautiful and outstanding Carmel Magazine! I take a copy ever y time I have a chance to come to Carmel. I am a forensic psychologist/court expert witness in Germany and enjoy writing as a part of my job, but also for other reasons. After visiting Carmel for a long time, I decided to describe my impressions and experiences of your pre- cious town during another stay in Carmel last month. People from all over the world visit Carmel and in the Winter 2018 edition (which I took with me, of course) you mention, that they love, appreciate and collect your beautiful magazine, which is very true. In this context, I got the idea that maybe the residents of Carmel might be interested in how outsiders/visitors experience their town, and what memories of Carmel they have. Thus, I allow myself to send you my text/feature in the attachment. With best regards from Germany, Heike Lange A rriving in Carmel! That has always been a relief for me, a step into a paradise-like world. Leaving the darkness of Germany behind, heading down the sunny Highway 101 south from San Francisco Airport, getting past the hustle and bustle on Highway 156 west, merging into the magic Highway 1, driv- ing down the Pacific Coast, enjoying the colorful blooming ice plants, the sand dunes, the blue ocean with its white foaming surf, that shimmers between the sand dunes. Passing the Monterey Peninsula, diving into the forest and finally exiting on Carpenter Street, driving downhill to that little village, with the cozy wooden cottages and dream houses, with the green- leafed trees, with the light flowers, with the white, sandy beach and the sea! The cypress trees with their long, curved branch- es, that paint fairytales in the blue sky. The sea that looks differ- ent than all other seas I have seen. The green and blue power of the waves. The sunlight which breaks through the clouds, always and for sure, even on a rainy day. The first time I came to Carmel I was an exchange student at California State University Fresno. A nice lady, married to a Fresno lawyer, invited me and my friends to visit a beautiful Californian village by the sea, a must-see. We left early in the morning, all excited about this next new experience. Arriving in Carmel, I was stunned. I loved the cooler weather and the shad- ow of the trees, which gave us a break from the heat in Fresno. The ocean and the beach, both had a magic, mystical atmos- phere. A sense of eternal beauty arose from that small bay. It was overcast. Surf was raising from the ocean like an airy veil of mist. Walking along the beach with my friends, I breathed the cypress trees, I marveled at the white sand, I listened to the calming, heavy sound of the waves and felt an exciting feeling of freedom and homecoming. I felt attached to this splendid place right away. In the following years, I have come back to Carmel many times, by myself or with my family. Today, I am running my own office as a forensic psychol- ogist in Germany for more than 25 years and have seen many places. But still, each time I visit Carmel, it is for me like a hide-away from all the problems of daily life and a beautiful reminiscence of my life as a young and free person exploring fascinating California. Carmel has preserved its natural beauty, its peacefulness, its light and carefree atmosphere. Its residents are friendly and ded- icated people. I have always loved to watch them walking along the beach, especially (a woman myself) the cultivated women of Carmel, who are enjoying the mid-morning, alone or with a dog, with a cap, sunglasses, a T-shirt, jeans. They look so relaxed, self- assured, independent and are enjoying their life. Since yesterday I am in Carmel again. I drove down from the San Francisco Airport after I left the plane that took me from Germany to California. It's March. Spring announces itself. It has been raining on and off. I am happy, because California needs the rain. I am enjoying the morning view, the dancing flames in the fireplace of my hotel room. The floor-to-ceiling window opens to the white fenced balcony, which leads the view to majestic, stoical Monterey Pines and oak trees, to the Santa Lucia Mountains and to the infinite blue ocean. Seagulls are passing my window from time to time, hovering over the roofs of the still quiet village, calling for adventure. A bluebird is sitting on the balcony fence, keeping an eye around him. It's slightly overcast, but suddenly the sunshine breaks through, lights up the horizon, turns the sky into blue and promises me another joyful day in Carmel-by-the-Sea. 42 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 PUBLISHER'S NOTE S T E V E S N I D E R Letter to the Publisher

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