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D og trainer Pam Jackson has been helping keep owners and their beloved canines copacetic for more than 30 years, offering assis- tance with housebreaking, excessive barking, aggressive behavior and more. Jackson's private classes use kindness and praise rather than treats to reward good behavior. "Every dog—tiny or huge—needs training," Jackson says. "We want to start young to solve the behavioral problems before they get start- ed. Bad habits like jumping on people, biting, barking, digging and pulling on leash are includ- ed in my course. The dogs need to know what their boundaries are." One of the original members of the Dog Training Club of Salinas Valley, Jackson has trained dogs who perform on stage, such as two for productions of "Annie" at Hartnell College. "Travels with Charley" starred her stan- dard poodle. She's also "co-authored" two humorous books with her dog Veni—a Pumi, which is a Hungarian breed—and is working on her third. Jackson makes sure canines learn to come when called even when facing a major distrac- tion, such as being around other dogs at the beach or when spotting a deer. "100 percent of my dog training is in the han- dling," Jackson says. For more information, visit www.pamjackson- To schedule an appointment, call 831/679-2560 or email SHORTCUTS NEIGHBORS 68 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 Keeping Dog Owner s Happy, One Bar k at a Time B Y B R E T T W I L B U R Dog trainer Pam Jackson with Pumis Levi and Veni and Champion Standard Poodle Demi. Jackson helps train people's pets and co-authors books with Veni. Photo: MJ's Photography

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