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SiG MT 104 SIGN ATUREMT's REALTOR TIPS By Dona DeZube We have compiled a list of complaints about the most annoying neighbors people have ever had. #9 Community College Lacrosse Players We made the mistake of renting a townhouse to a group of Lacrosse players last year. When we asked them to stop throwing empty beer cans in the front yard, the boys claimed squirrels were responsible. Clearly they were lying. Everyone knows beer-stealing, hard-drinking squirrels hide the empties in their nests. #8 Neighbors Who Blow Grass Clippings into the Street Instead of eir Own Yard Not because their grass clippings are bothersome, but because I have to listen to my husband complain about the grass clippings in the street every time we drive by their house. #7 Neighbors whose dogs bark all night I had a neighbor who, every night, would let her dog outside around 11 p.m. It would bark excessively until I got out of bed around 1am, knocked on her door and asked her to let the dog back inside. "Oh, did I leave the dog out?" she'd ask with a puzzled look on her face. No, you didn't leave the dog out; she snuck out on her own, fired up the grill, and cooked weenies for that really hot German Shepherd down the street. #6 Neighbors Who Just Don't Get It Some people just don't get it. Teenagers shooting hoops in the driveway at 2:30 in the morning is NOT ok! Your dog doing its duty on my lawn... again, NOT ok! #5 Neighbors Who Let eir Plants Sneak into Your Yard Property-poaching neighbor's plant a wee lile shrub right on the property line that sucks up your yard space as it grows. So when you've had enough of that trespassing shrub, be a courteous neighbor and use hedge clippers rather than a noisy chain saw when you cut it down at 2:30 a.m. #4 Neighbors Who Up-cycle eir Trash Onto Your Poperty One lady, who lived in a neighborhood that lacked bulk trash pickup, came up with her own disposal plan; She put her old push mower and ray patio furniture on another neighbor's back patio in the middle of the night. When the recipients called and asked her to remove her trash, she told them she thought they would like the mower and chairs. e next night, she moved them to another neighbor's backyard. #3 Neighbors Who Bury eir Spouses in Front-yard Crypts An Alabama court recently heard a case of a man who buried his wife in the front yard, complete with a headstone nestled close to his front steps. Neighbors said he had created an illegal cemetery. He claimed it was a legal family graveyard. e home owner lost his case and had to remove the remains. Maybe he should have told the court the squirrels did it. #2 Condo Neighbors with 20 Cats What's the difference between an animal lover and animal hoarder? About 18 or 19 cats! Two Chicago condo owners filed suit against their downstairs neighbor because the lier box odor coming from the feline owner's one-bedroom condo made it difficult to sell their property. Wouldn't you love to see the comments le during their open houses? #1 Naked Neighbors Who Use Chain Saws One neighbor was a source of embarrassment for his implementing a clothing optional work policy in his back yard. Yes, he insisted on gardening in the buff ! Every time neighbors called the police, he'd seek shelter in his home before they could see him in all his glory. It wasn't until the day he fired up the chainsaw, without a stitch of clothing, that he was arrested. I guess he just didn't hear them coming. Reprinted from HouseLogic with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Neighbors from H-E Double Hockey Sticks! Nine Annoying Stories from Right Next Door. Everyone loves a good neighbor -- you know the kind of person who brings over extra tomatoes from their garden or offers to keep an eye on your house while you're away. In today's transient society, where many move far away from parents and siblings, neighbors sometimes become an extended second family, and can even wind up as lifelong friends. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. e unlucky ones win "you've- got-to-be-kidding-me" loery and end up living next to neighbors from H - E - double hockey sticks! We are not talking about neighbors who mow their grass on a Saturday evening when you are trying to enjoy some patio time or the ones with pets who fail to keep them from ruining yet another patch of well-maintained lawn. We are talking about the disrespectful and somewhat nuy people who take being a bad neighbor to a whole new level. S MT

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