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Well, as I sit down to write this article they are telling me it is spring. I don't believe them. So, I will have to pretend it is spring and spring forward, just like our clocks. Lighter beers go hand in hand with spring, so it's time to focus in on some lighter IPA's. They are refreshing, no doubt, but there's one beer that is even more thirst-quenching and suitable for this season – with an interesting flavor, too. It's a German beer that dates back 1,000 years and it goes by the name of Gose. What the heck is Gose you ask? First, let's get the pronunciation out of the way. It is pronounced much the same way as the name Rosa, with emphasis on the "o", and the "e" making an "Uh" sound; end result is "Goes-uh." This German style sour hails from Goslar, Germany with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat, not barley. While it is no longer brewed in Goslar, Gose owes its salty flavor to the high salinity of the river Gose, which was originally used to brew the beer. Most Gose's are typically 4 to 5% ABV. One interesting flavor note worth mentioning is the coriander. This spice is not often found in beer, but I have to say, it is a good one. It definitely adds a brilliant flavor to an already crisp beer that pairs perfectly with warm-weather drinking. SIERRA NEVADA OTRA VEZ, is a fine Gose style to start with; it does not have the mouth puckering tang of many German imports. Prickly pear cactus adds an unexpected, yet tangy fruit twist to the traditional Gose style. It has a refreshing tart taste of lime and blue agave nectar with a very clean finish. They use MAGNUM hops to stand up to the lactobacillus culture that gives this style its acidic flavor, much the same way sour dough gets its tang. This is not a hoppy beer but does add a small amount to the back of the tongue. I am thinking the ABV varies each year cause I have an older bottle that says 4.9% while the one I recently bought is 4.5%. GUINESS NITRO IPA, in a can, and imported from Dublin is everything you would want and expect from Guinness. Stouts and darker beers are most likely what come to mind where Guinness is concerned. However, in 2014, that changed when the Brewers Project formed. This group of enterprising brewers set out to explore new recipes, reinterpret old ones and collaborate freely in an attempt to bring fresh new beers to life. Because of this ingenuity, Guinness NITRO IPA was introduced. This is a very drinkable beer at 5.8% ABV. They completely re-imagined the IPA by creating a smoother, creamier texture and a whole new way to enjoy the flavors and aromas of the style. With a perfectly balanced blend of hops, roasted barley and citrus accents, this IPA is definitely one to chill and have ready for those early season backyard get-togethers. Well my OTRA VEZ and NITRO IPA are empty and I am out of words. Until next issue… CHEERS and happy beer hunting. BEER MAN SiG MT 20 Text by Mark Baune BEER MAN Now Available in North Central MT S MT "Spring Beer has Sprung"

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