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SiG MT 55 BY DIANE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHY BY CRAIG EDWARDS Farmers, Ranchers, Volunteer Firefighters Unite to Stop Losses armers cuing near Big Sandy last harvest parked their combines hours before sunset – not to rest the weary or ease stressed machines but, at 103 o and 7 percent humidity, as well-worn caution against igniting tinder-dry fields. Each new summer, memories of wildfires past – lightning- caused or sickle-sparked – keep farmers and ranchers in northcentral Montana on edge and fire ready. F Fire caused by faulty wiring and last year's extreme-low humidity quickly spread to round bins holding grain and a large unoccupied farmhouse, as overtaxed firefighters protected the farmer's more valuable assets. Fighting Fire, Neighbor to Neighbor Fighting Fire, Neighbor to Neighbor SiG MT 55

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