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rationalize the purpose of their jobs. You are more likely to accept or embrace what you understand and shrug off what you don't. Periodic Reassessments An assessment is the practice of benchmarking an organization against a specific standard of excel- lence that is precise and definable. Compliance to this standard should be measured or verified. e stan- dard must be aligned to business objectives, standardized work and the change that was achieved. is is done at each iteration of change a nd periodica lly rea ssessed to confirm compliance and continuity (no backsliding). Kaizen Change is a slippery slope. Kaizen is how we give it traction. You can't relapse if you're always going forward. Never stop advancing the ball. is is kaizen, also known as continuous improvement. ese five elements (anchoring change to business objectives, standardized work, training, peri- odic reassessments and kaizen) are the driving forces behind sustained change. ey also serve as the centerpiece of a modern asset management system. Many of you may be familiar with ISO 55000, which is the new international standard on asset management. It standardizes a framework for managing assets in a way that is structurally similar to ISO 9001 for quality. e same is true for ISO 14000 relating to environmental protection. is framework codi- fies the manner in which assets are managed against costs, risks, perfor- mance and organizational objectives. W hen it comes to change, some organizations are way beyond low-hanging fruit. ey're into the hard work of climbing up higher into the tree to harvest the fruit of their efforts. As someone once said, "Most world-class companies don't realize they are world class. ey are too busy and preoccupied with improvement and getting where they are not (up the tree)." I couldn't agree more. ML Reference This article was inspired by Drew Troyer and his teachings on change management. About the Author Jim Fitch has a wealth of "in the trenches" experience in lubri- c ation, oil a na lysis, tribolog y and machinery failure investiga- tions. Over the past two decades, he ha s presented hundreds of courses on these subjects. Jim ha s a lso published more t ha n 200 technical articles, papers and publications. He serves as a U.S. delegate to the ISO tribology and oil analysis working group. Since 2002, he has been the director and a board member of the Inter- national Council for Machiner y Lubrication. He is the CEO and a co-founder of Noria Corporation. Contact Jim at 40% of lubrication professionals say their organization does not have a change-management strategy, based on a recent poll at ML www . | May - June 2018 | 7

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