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consider a desiccant breather to filter and dry the lubricant. Quick disconnects can enable personnel to connect the oiler to a filter cart and filter the lubricant while the equipment remains online or has been shut down for a mainte- nance procedure. Filtering the oil will help extend the interval between maintenance activities and/or a full drain-and-flush. LIFE CYCLE e most effective maintenance programs incorporate routine lubricant sampling. Having the right sampling ports installed and sampling at the right place inside the machine are key factors for success. When and how samples are collected are two of the most important considerations in the sampling process. Without a representative sample, any further gains by analysis will not be possible. A variety of sampling ports and pitot tubes are available to assist in obtaining the best sample while the equipment is at normal operating speed and temperature. Combine a pitot tube with a level gauge to help keep a machine running optimally. Installing fixed sampling hardware is always the safest way for maintenance professionals to extract an oil sample from a piece of equipment that is in operation. To optimize long-term machine perfor- mance, work with an oil analysis lab that ca n pre-emptively spot signs of wea r. A lt hough t hermography a nd vibration analysis can provide lagging indicators, oil analysis can offer the earliest warnings about things that potentia lly could go wrong. Supply the lab with as much infor- mation as possible about the application and the machine's environment. To obtain information automatically, consider constant-level oilers that can wirelessly transmit oil level information. Accompanied by web-based applications, these devices can give real-time input on machine status and maintenance require- ments. Other benefits include decreasing inspection times from hours to minutes, reducing the need for personnel to enter diffi- cult or dangerous-to-access areas, preventing downtime with early warnings and having the ability to perform data-driven maintenance. W hen maintenance and operations personnel think of a lubricant, they tend to envision a specific application. Even a holistic concept such as total lubrication manage- ment can limit their thinking. However, by following the lubricant's journey from arrival through its life cycle, you can see how every step offers an opportunity to imple- ment preferred practices that mitigate risk. ose galvanized cans and funnels might be comfortable old friends, but your machinery deserves better. ML Workaholic I'm on the job. Days. Nights. Holidays. Come Play with Sensei Get a live look in the Sensei Sandbox, the dashboard that comes with each installation. Sensei ™ Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence works 24/7 to bring you information about what's happening inside your critical equipment. Use the insights to minimize time-consuming lube routes, unnecessary maintenance and unplanned downtime. And relax a little more. ML www . | May - June 2018 | 11

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